Denotes Children’s Show

When I was a child I would look at the Chicago Sun-Times television guide each week to see what television shows I might like. I knew that an asterisk meant it was a show for kids. At the very top of each day’s listings were the words “Denotes children’s program” followed by an asterisk and I always wondered about Denotes. I expected Denotes was a woman — perhaps a kindly grandmother type or maybe a young energetic woman with beautiful clothes and lovely hair. I wondered what the program was about but I was sure I would love it.

I also wondered why there was no indication when Denotes Children’s Program aired. I assumed it was very early in the morning and woke up at least once before the first listing (5:30 or 6:00 am) to see if I could catch the show. I was always disappointed because there was nothing but snow or the TV test pattern on every station I turned to and for a long time thought I’d just missed it.

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